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Raccoons are solitary animals that often live alone and avoid socializing with other raccoons, whether when searching for food or moving near human settlements. When people see raccoons, they are sometimes quite impressed by their intelligence. Raccoons can open doors and caps and solve complex tasks with their clever minds.

However, when raccoons damage someone’s property or perform any dangerous activity, people tend to buy a trap to catch them. But a single raccoon can easily trap, and what about a group of raccoons? I remembered a question from the word group of raccoons, “What is a group of raccoons called?

Now you might be thinking that raccoons are solitary animals and prefer to live alone, so why do they gather in groups? Typically, raccoon groups only consist of 3 to 4 members, including the mother raccoon and her 2 to 3 young.


What is a group of raccoons called?

A group of raccoons is generally known as a “gaze” or a “nursery.” The “gaze” word typically refers to a steady look, often with admiration or curiosity. Raccoons often observe people out of curiosity, and if they feel threatened, they may attack.

Therefore, due to their observing behavior, people refer to them as “gaze.” However, the term “nursery” is also used for a group of raccoons. Typically, when someone hears the word “nursery,” they may think of a garden or plants. So, why word nursery is used for a group of raccoons?

The term “nursery” is used to describe a group of raccoons because it reflects the tree-oriented nature of raccoons, particularly when it comes to mothers caring for their young.

Female raccoons often create dens where they raise and nurture their babies, known as cubs. Just like a gardener who first checks the soil and prepares it for seeds, then plants the seeds in the ground, and after some time, these seeds grow into trees that provide benefits to others.

But when raccoons grow, they disturb the people with their clever antics. That is why keeping them as pets is illegal in some countries.

So, when you see a group of raccoons next time, you can call them “Hi, nursery.”

What is a group of baby raccoons called?

A group of baby raccoons is commonly referred to as a “litter.”
Female raccoons typically give birth to a litter of 2 to 5 kits, after a gestation period of 63 to 65 days. Usually, a female raccoon can only give one litter per year in March and April.

When baby raccoons are born, their weight is only 56 to 198 grams. If mother raccoons give birth to 4 kits, it means that the combined weight of the four baby raccoons is 600 grams, assuming each kit weighs around 150 grams.

How Many Raccoons Live in a Nursery?

Generally, the raccoon group is not large like other animal groups. Their group consists only of four raccoons but occasionally can gather at a particular place, such as a food source. However, being nocturnal animals, they spend most of their time at night. Therefore, due to the rarity of their social grouping, it is difficult to provide exact numbers.

Male raccoons also live alone and prefer to establish their own dens or territories. They only form social groups during their breeding season, and after this season, they scatter, much like the groups of birds that disperse in the air.

Social Behavior of Raccoons:

Social Behavior of Raccoons:

Raccoons are not highly social animals, but they can impress us with their intelligent thinking. Here are some key aspects of their social behavior:

  • Communication:
    Raccoons are capable of producing about 200 different sounds, which include purring, hissing, growling, and whimpering. These sounds serve as a means of communication between them. However, these sounds are mostly heard at night due to their nocturnal nature.
  • Maternal Care:
    Female raccoons, called sows, only take the responsibility of caring for their young. Baby raccoons stay with their mother for up to 1 year. During this one year, they can change their dens or even stay in the same dens where they were born. They prefer dens like tree hollows, burrows, or man-made structures like attics.
    • Hunting: Due to a lack of social behavior, male raccoons hunt alone, while female raccoons hunt for their cubs during the breeding season. They eat birds and their eggs, frogs, and fish.

Collective Nouns For Other Animal Groups:

Below is a table that provides some other collective nouns for animal groups, such as a group of raccoons, which is called a gaze.

Group of Animals

Name 1

Name 2

Group of foxes



Group of Opossums



Group of Skunks



Group of Squirrels



Group of Beavers



Group of Pandas



Group of Cats



Group of Dogs



Group of Rats



Group of Rabbits



Group of Cows



Group of Goats



Group of Sheep



Group of sharks



Group of Fish



Group of Frogs





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