What is a group of hyenas called?

Hyenas are one of the most formidable predators after lions. When someone tries to make the list of apex predators, he will never forget to add the hyena to the list. Imagine this is the valve of just one hyena, and what will about a group of hyenas? From a group of hyenas, I remember a question that often people ask, “What is a group of hyenas called?” The simple answer to this question is “Cackle.”

Today, we’ll discuss this question in detail and what other terms are used for a group of hyenas. So, keep reading till the last sentence of the article because I’m going to write a wonderful topic about a group of hyenas.

What is a Group of Hyenas Called?

A group of hyenas are simply called a cackle. Cackle is the collective noun that is used for a group of hyenas. The term pack and clan is also used for groups of hyenas. The word “cackle” is derived from the Old English word “kākelen,” which means the imitation of a sound. Usually, “cackle” refers to a loud, unpleasant sound, such as the noise made by chickens. “Cackle” is generally used for groups of hyenas because hyenas are known for their laughing sound. But actually, hyenas don’t laugh like humans do. They just communicate with each other, and people often mistake this behavior for hyenas being very happy and laughing.

Another word, “pack,” is used for hyenas because hyenas are social animals and often live in groups. They also hunt and travel in groups. Due to their social hierarchical structure, the word ‘pack’ can be used to refer to a group of hyenas.

How Many Hyenas Live in a Cackle?

The size of a hyena group depends on the species of the hyena and the habitat where they live. The two main species of hyenas are the spotted hyena and the smaller striped hyena, with the spotted hyena being the more social animals.

Spotted hyenas, which are known for living in large social groups, can have cackle size or pack sizes ranging from a few individuals to over 130 members in some cases.

These groups are hierarchical and usually led by a dominant female. Male hyenas only participate in hunting large prey and defend their territory. Some experts believe that hyenas groups typically defend up to 620 square miles of area. Researchers also were amazed when they saw that a hyena group ate 1500 pounds of buffalo in just a few hours, and the remaining thing was just buffalo skulls and bones.

The size of the cackle also depends on food availability. Usually, most hyenas live in South Africa, where all types of animals and birds live in different wilds.



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