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The short answer to the question ‘Do rabbits eat bugs?’ is no because rabbits are herbivorous animals that mostly eat plants and vegetables.

Most rabbit owners claim that rabbits can eat insects, including bugs and other types of insects. However, this claim is only partly true, as rabbits can sometimes consume meat. As of February 2024, approximately 305 domestic breeds of rabbits exist in the world. Therefore, each rabbit has its own eating habits, and they mostly consume hay, not relying on meat for their daily nutrition, although they may occasionally consume it.

Today, we’ll be discussing the rabbit’s diet and whether they consume bugs or other insects. We’ll also explore the potential side effects of feeding them insects daily instead of hay.

Do Rabbits Eat Bugs?

Do Rabbits Eat Bugs?

Have you ever wondered if your rabbit is eating buds, and suddenly you come on the spot? What happens? Alright, you don’t need to worry because they can occasionally consume a small amount of bugs if they grab them. Rabbits are known for their diverse diet, which includes insects like bugs, cockroaches, spiders, worms, and crickets. However, feeding rabbits large amounts of insects can lead to digestive problems and make them sick. So, make sure that their diet is balanced and they are not consuming too many insects at once.

A healthy rabbit can consume 2 to 3% of its body weight. Large breeds of rabbits, such as French Lop, English Lop, Checkered Giant, and Giant Angora, may require more food than small breeds.

Are Bugs Dangerous for Rabbits?

Typically, bugs are not dangerous for bunnies, and some insects are too small to be felt by rabbits. Rabbits often obtain protein from their major diet sources, such as hay and grasses.

So, rabbits only eat bugs when they’re foraging outside and may accidentally swallow a bug that is hanging on a leaf.
Rabbits are not interested in eating any type of insects. They may accidentally ingest them, but you needn’t worry about it.

However, if you urge them to eat too many bugs, then bugs can pose various risks to rabbits, depending on the type of bug and the rabbit’s health. Some potential dangers include:

  • Parasites: Bugs, such as ticks, fleas, and mites, may infest a rabbit’s fur and skin, resulting in discomfort and skin infections.
  • Toxicity: Some bugs, like beetles and caterpillars, may be toxic to rabbits if ingested accidentally.

Do Wild Rabbits Eat Bugs?


Wild rabbits can eat bugs and various types of insects when their food source is scarce. They often feed on grass, clover, twigs, and other plants. Generally, all rabbits, including wild and domestic, do not prefer to eat meat or other animal products.

They just prefer vegetables, grasses, and seeds.
However, during the winter season, when grasses and green plants are not easily accessible, they tend to eat tree bark, sticks, and vegetation.

What Happens If A Rabbit Eats A Bug?

In many cases, a rabbit may consume a bug without experiencing any negative effects. Bugs are not typically toxic to rabbits, and small amounts may pass through the digestive system without causing harm. In rare cases, some rabbits may experience gastrointestinal upset, such as diarrhea, after consuming bugs. This condition is usually temporary and tends to resolve itself as the body digests the bug.

Most rabbits can safely consume small amounts of bugs without experiencing significant harm. However, check for any adverse reactions or symptoms and seek veterinary care, especially if the rabbit shows signs of illness or distress after eating a bug.


What insects do rabbits eat




Are rabbits naturally inclined to eat bugs?

We know rabbits are primarily herbivores, but they may occasionally consume bugs when grazing outside, particularly in the wild where insects are readily available. However, bugs are not a significant part of their natural diet.

What types of bugs do rabbits eat?

Many insects, such as grasshoppers, beetles, caterpillars, and ants, could be consumed by rabbits. In case they encounter them, rabbits might also eat small insects like flies.

Why would a rabbit eat bugs?

Rabbits may eat bugs out of curiosity and hunger, especially if they encounter insects while foraging for food. Bugs are too small in size, which is why they don’t provide additional protein and nutrients.

What should I do if my rabbit eats a bug?

If your rabbit eats a bug and shows no signs of illness or discomfort, it’s generally nothing to worry about. However, if your rabbit shows any symptoms after eating a bug, take it to the vet.

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