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What Is Baby Zebra Called? A baby zebra is called a foal. A foal is the term used to describe a young zebra, horse, donkey, or other equine species. It’s worth noting that a baby zebra can be called a colt, a cub, or a foal.

All these terms refer to the offspring of a zebra. When a zebra is born, it’s called a foal until it reaches adulthood. Foals are typically curious, often staying close to their mothers for protection and nourishment. They learn various skills from their parents and adult zebras, such as grazing, social behaviors, and how to navigate the environment.

In this article, we’ll discuss the life of baby zebra from birth to adulthood and discover various aspects of their life and the challenges they face during their early life.

What Is Baby Zebra Called?

What Is Baby Zebra Called?

A baby zebra is commonly referred to as a “foal. Foals are born with stripes but often have brownish hues in their stripes, which darken as they grow older.

A baby zebra is born with eyes open & they can run after a few hours of birth. For about 7-months, they stay close to their mothers for protection and nourishment, learning essential survival skills from the herd. After this period, they become fully independent and can find food and protect themselves from predators.

A newborn zebra foal typically stands at around 1.5 to 2 feet (18 to 24 inches) tall at the shoulder and weighs between 55 to 70 pounds (25 to 31 kilograms).

Baby Zebra Gestation Period:

Baby zebra

The gestation period of a baby zebra typically lasts around 11 to 13 months. This duration may change based on the specific zebra species. On average, it spans approximately 335 to 385.

Once the gestation period is complete, the female zebra gives birth to a single foal, occasionally twins in rare cases, but it is possible for female zebra to give twins.

When zebras are born, they immediately join the herd to protect themselves from predators. The protection responsible for baby zebras takes female zebras because most zebra herds consist of just one male and the remaining female zebra.

What is a male baby zebra called?

A baby zebra is called a colt if male and a filly if female. When male and female baby zebras become adults, their names also change as a male zebra is called a stallion & a female zebra is called a mare.

Both male and female zebras have different lifestyles, but female zebras are more aggressive when they protect their young from predators like wild dogs, lions, and tigers.

The aggressive behavior of zebras depends on the species. Female zebras, especially those belonging to the plain and mountain species, are known to be fiercely protective of their newborns.

If the herd senses any potential danger, the entire herd will band together to defend themselves and their young.

Does a male baby zebra kick harder than a female baby zebra?

In general, there isn’t a significant difference in the kicking strength between male and female baby zebras. At a young age, both male and female foals have similar physical capabilities, including the strength of their kicks.

However, the kick strength of a colt is more powerful than filly because male zebra are stronger than female zebra.

Male zebras can deliver a kick of up to 3,000 psi, which is enough to break a crocodile’s jaw. The interesting thing is that a horse can kick with 2000 psi. It means a zebra kick is stronger than a horse.

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Why do male zebras kill babies?

In certain cases, male zebras might exhibit aggressive behavior towards young foals, particularly those that aren’t their offspring. This behavior, known as infanticide, occurs in various animal species and can have different reasons:

Reasons for Male Zebras killing foals:

Competition for Mating:

In some cases, a male zebra might kill foals to maintain dominance or eliminate potential competitors. This behavior can occur when a new male enters into a herd & other adult males may display aggressive behavior towards young males.

Baby Horse & Baby Zebra: Some Interesting Facts

Baby Zebra: Interesting fact


  • Baby horse can stand and nurse within hours of being born, relying on their mother’s milk for proper growth.
  • Baby zebras can stand within half an hour of birth and run after one hour.
  • Behavior: Both foals are naturally playful, often engaging in running, and jumping with other foals in the herd.
  • Growth Rate: Baby horses reach 30% of their adult height at 3 months, 50% at 6 months, and 90% at 12 months.
  • While baby zebras grow faster than horses, they reach maturity age between 3 to 6 years.
  • Both foals grow rapidly during the first year of their life, gaining almost 90% of their adult height within the first year.
  • Baby zebra only drink water after 3 months of birth while baby horses can drink water within one month.
  • When a baby zebra is born, it typically weighs 70 pounds, while a newborn horse weighs 100 pounds.



How long is a zebra considered a foal?

Typically, a newborn zebra is referred to as a foal from birth to until it reaches maturity, which is considered around two to three years.

Are there different names for male and female baby zebras?

Male zebras are referred to as colts, while female zebra is called filly.

Do baby zebras have stripes at birth?

Yes, baby zebras are born with their distinctive black and white stripes. However, black stripes usually appear brown.

How fast can a baby zebra stand and walk after birth?

Zebra foals are quick learners and can typically stand and walk within hours after being born.

Can a baby zebra survive without its mother?

Baby zebras rely on their mothers for nourishment, protection, and learning essential survival skills, without their mothers it would be unlikely for them to survive.

At what age do baby zebras start to graze?

While they may begin chewing on grass within a few weeks of birth, baby zebras primarily rely on their mother’s milk for the initial months before transitioning to solid food.

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