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Do cats keep snakes away? This age-old question about cats’ ability to keep snakes away has persisted for generations. Although we know cats can keep the home environment free from pesky rodents, mice, and other reptiles. Many people believe that cats can also protect against snakes. It raises the question of whether this belief is grounded in fact or simply a myth. In short, the answer to the question “Do cats keep snakes away?” is yes. Nonetheless, it remains a compelling topic of discussion among cat lovers and snake enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will delve into the world of cats and snakes to uncover the reality behind the mystery that cats can effectively keep snakes at bay.

Do cats keep snakes away?

Do cats keep snakes away?

Do cats keep snakes away?

Yes, cats are known for their hunting instincts and can sometimes help to keep small snakes away from your home. Cats are natural predators, and they may chase, capture, and even kill small snakes, such as garter snakes or other non-venomous species. When facing a large snake, cats may have difficulty deterring them.
When it comes to snake control, relying solely on cats may not always be effective, especially against bigger or venomous snakes. Certain species of snakes, such as rattlesnakes, can pose a significant danger to cats, and any attempt to confront such snakes by cats could potentially result in serious harm or even fatality for the feline.


Do Cats Kill Snakes?

Yes, cats are known to kill snakes. Cats have natural hunting behavior, and they often exhibit curiosity and agility when they see small, fast-moving creatures, including snakes. When a cat encounters a snake, it may see it as prey and attempt to catch and kill it & eat it. This behavior is more common in outdoor cats, as they have greater opportunities to come across snakes.
However, not all cats will attack and kill snakes because some snakes are larger than cats, so it is difficult for a cat to deter. Some cats may be more cautious and avoid snakes, while others may be more aggressive hunters of snakes.

Do Snakes Kill Cats?

Yes, snakes can kill cats, especially if the snake is venomous. Venomous snakes like rattlesnakes, copperheads, and coral snakes can pose a significant threat to cats if they are bitten. The impact of a snake bite on a cat varies depending on the snake species, bite location, and the cat’s age and size.
If a cat comes across a venomous snake, it may instinctively try to jump on or play with the snake without being aware of the harm it can cause. If the snake delivers a venomous bite, it can inject toxins that can cause severe tissue damage to the cat, pain, and potentially fatal effects if not treated promptly.

On the other hand, Non-venomous snakes are generally not a direct threat to adult cats. In most cases, cats are more likely to play with or catch non-venomous snakes rather than be harmed by them.

How Long After a Snake Bite Will a Cat Die?

Do cats keep snakes away?

The cat can survive for up to two days after being bitten by a snake. However, the time it takes for the cat to die depends on various factors.

  1. Type of Snake: If a cat is bitten by a venomous snake, its chances of survival decrease rapidly. Bites from venomous snakes can result in faster and more severe health complications.
  2. Amount of Venom: Some snakebites may not deliver any venom or only a partial dose, while others deliver a full venom.
  3. Size of the Cat: The age and size of a cat may affect its response to a snake bite. Younger or smaller cats may be more susceptible to venom.

Do Cats Know if a Snake is Poisonous?

Cats cannot distinguish between venomous and non-venomous snakes when they see a snake. Cats consider snakes as prey but will avoid them if the snake tries to bite in self-defense. Unlike some animals, such as certain birds and mammals, cats do not have specialized knowledge or instincts for identifying the potential danger of a snake’s venom.

When a cat comes across a snake, it usually reacts based on its hunting instincts and curiosity. Cats may try to play with or attack snakes, especially if snakes are small.
A cat’s ability to recognize a venomous snake is based on their past experiences and learned behaviors. If a cat has encountered a venomous snake before and remembers the encounter, it may exhibit caution or avoid the snake based on that experience. However, this is not the same as having an innate knowledge of snake venom.

Are Snakes Afraid of Cats?

Please watch the video below and decide for yourself. Generally, not all snakes are afraid of cats, but sometimes, a snake can be aggressive towards cats and even kill them with their venomous bite.

Yes, snakes are afraid of cats & exhibit a certain level of fear towards them. However, it is not 100% accurate that cats will keep snakes away. Therefore, it would be inaccurate to say that snakes are “afraid” of cats in the emotional sense.

Snakes possess various behaviors that aid in avoiding predators such as cats. When a snake perceives a threat, it may respond in different ways to protect itself:

  1. Hiding: Snakes may hide in vegetation, burrows, or shelters to avoid predators like cats.
  2. Retreat:  If a snake sees a cat, it may choose to retreat or flee from the potential danger rather than confronting it.
  3. Defensive Behavior: Some snakes may try to bite when they are provoked by cats, so there is a chance that a conflict can arise between the cat and the snake.


It is safe to say that snakes are afraid of cats, but cats are not afraid of snakes, and there is no guarantee that cats will keep snakes away.

Best Cats For Killing Snakes:

It is important to note that not all cats are equally effective at managing snakes on your property, despite a common belief to the contrary. It’s crucial to understand that some cats may be more skilled in hunting or deterring snakes than others. Here are some cat breeds and characteristics that are often associated with good snake hunters:

  1. Outdoor Cats: Outdoor cats have more opportunities to encounter snakes with their hunting skills. They are more likely to come into contact with snakes and, if inclined, may attempt to catch and kill them. Outdoor cats frequently encounter prey, such as snakes, when roaming outside. So, outdoor cats kill more snakes than indoor cats.
  2. Feral Cats: Feral cats are born in the wild and have developed strong hunting skills to fend for themselves. They can be effective snake hunters if they are part of your property’s ecosystem.

Hunting snakes can be dangerous to cats, especially if the snake is venomous. Always prioritize your cat’s safety and consider other methods of snake control, such as keeping a snake-proof yard or consulting with professionals for snake removal, rather than solely relying on a cat for snake deterrence.

Do cats keep snakes away?: Scientific Reality

  • Scientific Research: Scientific studies do not support the idea that cats are good at deterring snakes. Most research in this area is about cats’ impact on small mammals and birds rather than snakes.
  • Variable Responses: Cats may react differently to snakes; some may hunt or intimidate them, while others may be curious or indifferent. The outcome largely depends on the cat’s personality, previous experiences, and the specific circumstances of the encounter.
  • Size Matters: Cats are generally more effective at deterring or catching small snakes rather than large ones. However, cats can only deter small snakes from home. So, we can say cats are good at deterring small or venomous-free snakes.



Do cats really keep snakes away?

Cats have a reputation for deterring snakes, but the extent of their effectiveness varies. Not all cats have the ability to deter snakes, but some can.

How do cats deter snakes?

Cats can deter snakes through their presence, scent marking, and hunting instincts. Some cats may hiss, pounce, or bat at snakes, which can intimidate or discourage them.

Do all cat breeds deter snakes equally?

No, cat personalities play a significant role in keeping snakes away. While certain breeds with strong hunting instincts may be more effective, not all cats have an interest in or aptitude for snake deterrence.

Can cats protect against venomous snakes?

Cats can protect venomous snakes by deterring or killing them. However, confronting venomous snakes can be dangerous for cats, and there’s no guarantee of safety.

What should I do if my cat encounters a snake?

If your cat comes across a snake, particularly a venomous one, it’s best to distance yourself, call your cat indoors, and watch for any signs of injury. If you suspect that your cat has been bitten by a snake, promptly seek veterinary care.

What Animals That Keep Snakes Away?

Cats, mongoose, foxes, dogs, raccoons, pigs, and guinea hens are natural predators of snakes. These animals can help to keep snake populations in check through their hunting behaviors. While these animals do not completely eliminate snakes, their presence can deter snakes from specific areas.

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